A Scheme for promoting Innovation, Rural Industry & Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE)

An initiative by the Government of India and the Ministry of MSME, ASPIRE – A Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Rural Industry and Entrepreneurship was launched. 

The idea behind this scheme is to create a network of technology centers and to set up certain incubation centers that help accelerate the spirit of entrepreneurship and promotes start-ups which lead to the overall growth of agro-industry. 

Objectives of ASPIRE

Some of the main objectives of the scheme are as follows: 

  • To create employment and eradicate unemployment, which is currently affecting the economy a bit too much. 
  • To promote entrepreneurship culture in India. 
  • To promote economic development at the grassroots level.
  • To facilitate the innovative business solution for social events that remain unattended even after a long duration of time. 
  • Promotion of innovation to further enhance the competitiveness of the MSME sector. 

Eligibility for ASPIRE

Those in the Agro-industry who intend to implement the incubation and commercialization of business ideas Programme through technical or research-based methodology can apply for ASPIRE. 

These applicants would be designed as Knowledge Partners and would incubate new/existing technologies for commercialization. 

Incubators/technology business incubators and incubation schemes of MSME/NSIC/KVIC/Coir board or any other industry or private incubators can apply for the benefits that come with ASPIRE. 

In Conclusion

With the government prioritizing entrepreneurship at even the most rural places, it is actively allowing start-ups to come up, which would eventually pave the way for employment, consequently leading to better GDP, in the long run. 

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