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Over the last couple of months, it has been obvious that healthcare is a priority, and neglecting healthcare can be really devastating for the nation, and the wellbeing of all its people. In order to meet people’s healthcare needs as a one-stop supply-chain, CSIR India has launched the Aarogya Path portal.

The Aarogya Path portal includes PPE, Medical equipment, medicines needed, and diagnostic kits among other requirements to treat potential pandemic outbreaks and more.

Vision behind the Aarogya Path initiative

The main vision behind the Aarogya Path initiative is to set up an information management and forecasting database platform which pans across at a national level. This will enable the capturing adeptly the demand and supply scenario for key healthcare items which are necessary for national necessities in times of medical emergencies.

The Aarogya Path portal is controlled by the Central government and is necessary to tackle the current Covid-19 outbreak, and also aims to be in a ready position for any future outbreaks or potential pandemic situations.

How to use the CSIR Aarogya Path Portal?

The back-end model of the Aarogya Path portal is backed with intelligent algorithms which will not only track the demand and supply scenarios for healthcare items but also track their 1st level components. For this, the Aarogya Path will use the unique capabilities of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

Since the platform is live on a 24×7 basis, it will be crucial in handling potential pandemics in the future as well. Here is how one can reach out to the platform:

  • People can gain access to the CSIR Aarogya Path website through the link https://www.aarogyapath.in/
  • The homepage of the Aarogya Path will appear as shown below:
  • On the Aarogya Path portal, one can check for medical offers for customers, seller opportunities, stakeholders and products, and several other benefits.

Whom will the Aarogya Path services be helpful for?

The Aarogya Path public platform will be helpful for the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Pathology laboratories
  • Research institutes
  • Medical colleges
  • Individual patients

Why is there a need for the Aarogya Path Portal?

While battling the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the government realized that things get worse in the absence of a unified portal, where services are accessible under one roof. To bring in an integrated platform, the CSIR brought in a platform that offers instantaneous access to the following resources:

  • Test kits
  • Essential medicines
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (Masks, gloves, gowns, shoes)
  • Hospital Assistive devices (Ventilators, oxygen concentrators)
  • Sanitizers

Summing it up

Clearly, governments all around the world did not estimate the magnitude at which the pandemic will affect lives. There was, up until this point, never a need for a unified platform that offered medical assistance effectively and quickly.  But now, the CSIR has taken the initiative not only to mitigate the influence of the virus but also to thwart future occurrences of the same.

With these efforts in place, people now won’t have to panic buy and households can now be a lot more prepared in the face of any pandemic-worthy outbreaks.

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