Affordable Rental Housing Complex (ARHC) Scheme

The unprecedented challenge brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to quite some reforms. In an attempt to make housing affordable and much less of a hassle to the already distressed masses of India, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is about to launch a scheme which will promote the Affordable Rental Housing Complex (ARHC). 

Objective of the ARHC scheme

This is a scheme to help migrant labourers and the urban poor so as to provide ease of living and access to a dignified and well-planned house which would be in proximity to their workplace. 

Target groups under the scheme 

To execute the scheme efficiently, the Government will launch the scheme under the supervision of the PMAY(U) by using two models:

  1. Model 1: Using existing Housing Stock as ARHCs
  2. Model 2: Incentivising the Private / Public agencies for the construction of ARHCs

The ARHC scheme will be implemented with an estimated expenditure of ₹600 crores. The overall impact of the scheme is estimated to benefit over 3 lakh beneficiaries. 

Benefits of the scheme:

The ARHC aims to create not just housing solutions for the distressed but also offer 50% additional area ratio or floor space index, concessional loan at priority sector lending rates, tax reliefs at par with affordable housing. ARHC will also look to create a whole new ecosystem in urban areas which would make housing affordable as it would be close to the applicant’s place of work. This would ease the worker from the unnecessary troubles of travel, congestion and over-exposure to pollution. 

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