Annapurna Yojana

An initiative launched by the Ministry of Rural Development which was launched in 2000-01, the Annapurna Yojana is a senior citizen scheme aimed at people over 35 years of age. 

It is meant for people who are not getting pension and are given 10 kilograms of food grains per person per month which is supplied to them free of cost. 

It is a centrally sponsored scheme which has been implemented in the state of Maharashtra since the first quarter of 2001. 

Main Objectives of The Scheme:

  1. The scheme aims at diminishing starvation among the population, especially among the elderly faction of the society. It aims at providing food security to meet the requirement of those who cannot afford to arrange for their own sustenance. 
  2. The scheme aims to cover 20% of the people eligible to receive a pension under the NOAPS. The Central Assistance under the Annapurna Scheme is only provided to the persons who meet the below mentioned criteria. 


This scheme is primarily targeted for those who are not availing the benefits of the National Old Age Pension (NOAPS). The 10 kilograms of food grains (6 kilograms of wheat and 4 kilograms of rice) is offered free of cost to such senior citizens as a means of providing them with Food Security. 

The age of the applicant should be 65 years or above. 

The applicant must be a destitute in the sense of living, meaning she/he would have no regular means of income or through support from family. 

The applicant should not be in receipt of pension under the NOAPS or State Pension scheme. 

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