Anti-Narcotics Scheme

Anti-narcotics Scheme was launched in October 2004 for a total period of 5 years. The scheme is operated by the Ministry of Home Affairs. After the period of 5 years, Anti-narcotics Scheme was later extended two times in subsequent years.

What are the objectives?

Anti-narcotics Scheme was launched by the government of India with an aim of combating illicit illegal trafficking of drugs, such as psychotropic substances and assisting or supporting various state and Union Territories with economic aspects. These states and Union Territories are associated with control and management of interstate and cross-border trafficking of drugs.

Plan of action

For this purpose, Anti-narcotics Scheme has implemented a crucial strategy that helps in decrease of drug supply and its ultimate demand. Various enforcement activities are implemented for reducing the supply of drugs and psychotropic substances, whereas rehabilitation management and de-addiction measures are undertaken for reducing the demand in our country.

What are the salient features?

The scheme has been extended to “Assistance to States and Union Territories for Narcotics Control” for a total period of 3 years, i.e., from the financial year 2017–2018 to 2019–2020, with a budget estimated to be Rs. 21 crore. The financial entities will be provided to anti-narcotics agencies or organizations in India for effective implementation of the scheme. The budget shall also be made available for capacity building-related measures.

What is the significance of the scheme?

In India, there are over 4 million drug addicts. Apart from common drugs, such as hashish, opium, and heroin, serious abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, such as buprenorphine, proxivon, and codeine-based cough syrups, has also been recently recorded. Drug abuse has become the most severe socio-economic and socio-cultural issue, which has been greatly affecting youth in vulnerable age group.

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