Apprenticeship Training Scheme

The Apprenticeship Scheme is mandated under the Apprenticeship Act 2014 and the Apprenticeship Regulation 2015.  It is implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. 

The scheme is aimed at providing facilities available in the industry for the practical training of candidates. This is done with a view to meet the requirements for skilled manpower in the industry. 

Quite often it has been noticed that though the manpower seems to have been trained theoretically, they lack the efficiency of machines or equipment – which is crucial to the quality of the product. 

How does the Apprenticeship Training scheme aim to help?

The scheme is aimed at providing a monthly stipend which ranges from ₹1970 per month to ₹3560 per month, depending upon the access to machinery and equipment and the nature of the position that the candidate is being trained for. 

How is the training conducted? 

Apprenticeship under this scheme is carried out in two main components: 

  1. On-the-job training – This involves training provided on the job under the supervision of qualified tradesmen or legitimate employers. 
  2. Off-the-job training – This includes training provided by the training provider. 

Requirements for Entry

Any candidate who wishes to apply should be at least 14 years of age and above and must fulfill the basic physical and educational standards mentioned by the Apprentices Act. 

Once the candidate fits the role, the employer and apprentices fulfilling the norm can send their proposals to the Department of Education through the State apprentice advisors, who are also the chief implementers of the scheme. 

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