Badhte Kadam

Intervention for the disabled has always been a prime agenda for the Indian Government. Lately, in an attempt to bring persons with disabilities at par, Badhte Kadam as a scheme was launched. 

A progressive scheme in its own way, Badhte Kadam basically aims at creating awareness and sensitizing people towards PwDs and working towards the social integration of PwDs. 

Objectives of the Badhte Kadam

  1. Raising awareness in the public about PwDs. 
  2. Working towards the inclusion of PwDs in the society, working towards their participation in all aspects of life
  3. To sensitize stakeholders across various communities
  4. Increasing the representation of people in the remote areas of India
  5. Spreading information and busting myths and misconceptions about disability and approaching disabled individuals, imparting masses with disability etiquette, etc. 

What the scheme works towards

  1. Building a target audience

There are far too many individuals who go about their lives without help. Badhte Kadam reaches out to individuals in the farthest corners of India and not only sensitizes masses but brings them to the knowledge of how to interact with people with disabilities

  • Awareness 

Awareness is the key to a better and more caring society. Societal care and affection can really make a difference when it comes to treating the condition of a person with disability

  • Validity of the scheme enrolment

Scheme enrolment is valid for the current financial year only. Once the financial year is over, the organisation should enrol again to avail the benefits that come with it. 

In conclusion

Badhte Kadam is a progressive step taken towards the establishment of a society where the differently abled don’t feel all that different anymore. 

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