Bank Credit Facilitation Scheme

An ISO certified Enterprise under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), the NSIC has been working closely with banks to develop small and medium businesses to achieve success in the market. 

How does the NSIC function?

NSIC operates through various offices and technical centers peppered countrywide. To smoothen the process, NSIC has also set up a Training cum Incubation center which is managed by Professionals on site. 

The NSIC Mission

The NSIC mission is to ultimately support budding businesses –small and medium –  by providing integrated support which envelopes marketing, technology, financial and other such services. NSIC aims to bring such businesses to a respectable position in the market so that they get to benefit from the profits they make. 

Special features of the NSIC scheme loans

  • The loans issued under the NSIC scheme are facilitated by the National Small loan Corporation which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with banks to offer loans to small and medium businesses to meet basic requirements. 
  • The loans under the NSIC scheme are available in the form of working capital and term loans. 
  • Through this scheme, SME (Small and Medium enterprises)  will get loans at affordable rates and NSIC units will also help such business ventures with the documentation process and other services that are needed to get the loan approved. 

In conclusion

Government loans to get your business started to reinstate hope that the Government has your back. If you have a startup idea but are facing roadblocks for some reason or another, you can visit the NSIC website for further details, and sooner than later, your problem will have a definite solution.

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