Brand India Mission 2020

In recent times, the government has taken an active part in endorsing locally produced goods. There have been several schemes launched to encourage manufacturing or producing goods locally and urging the consumer to go for these locally sourced products. Awareness through social media hashtag #VocalForLocal has also been put out for people to grow cognizant towards Indian goods and services.

The Brand India Mission is yet another step in the same direction, making people aware and making it easier for them to purchase locally produced items.

Objective of the Brand India Mission 2020

  • The mission behind the Brand India scheme is to focus on the Tyre and Rubber Industry ecosystem in India. In order to encourage rubber production to be a more home-based process, rubber plantations are to be encouraged through the support from several private investments.
  • Additionally, several other sectors are being identified by industrial leaders to possess infinite potential in the years to come. These industry leaders are to come up with an actionable agenda of nearly 200 lakh crores of manufacturing in the next 10 years
  • The mission is said to be the Building block for a “New India”.

Eligibility criteria for the Brand India tag

In order to enroll your organization eligible for the Brand India tag, here are some of the most important criteria your organization needs to adhere to:

  1. The manufactured goods or items need to be registered in India
  2. The company that wishes to brandish the tag “Brand India” should comply with the prescribed health and safety standards

The entire process of getting your organization the permission to use the Brand India tag is proposed to be completed within 6 to 10 days of the application being filled. The monitoring process that deems an organization eligible to brandish the tag is expected to ideally start in about six months’ time.

How would registered entities get Governmental recognition?

Those who opt for the Brand India Mission may be offered government recognition in the following things:

  1. A government e-marketplace
  2. Preference in public purchase
  3. Other benefits including those under Trade agreements will be offered.

In Conclusion

This New India strategy has effectively identified 41 different areas that need to be worked on in order to achieve the financial and economic development of the nation. Several reforms are on the way in labour sector, technology, and innovation sector, attempts are being made to double farmer incomes on the agricultural frontier, financial inclusion of the poor, offering housing to all, travel and tourism, hospitality, cleaner energy avenues, surface transport, railways, civil aviation, shipping and inland waterways, logistics, digital connectivity, laying the foundation for smarter cities, water resources, and a sustainable environment.

Apart from these main sectors the Brand India mission also aims to focus on other key sectors like Education, Public Health management, skill development, senior citizen protection, the inclusion of Persons with Disability and transgenders, etc. With the scheme branching out in so many directions, progress is ensured to be achieved in leaps and bounds. A new India is on the rise, and the Brand India mission is what will help it come to fruition.

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