Champions Portal MSME Register Grievance Ideas

The Central government has launched a new portal called the Champions portal for Medium and Small Enterprises across the country. This scheme is an initiative of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to start a Grievance Management system.

With this system in place, people running small and medium enterprises can now fill the MSME grievance online registration form on the official website and get their concerns addressed by the government.

The main purpose of the scheme is to promote a unified and empowered platform to help and promote several MSMEs of the country.

Objective of the Champion Grievance scheme

In order to benefit small and medium businesses, there are three basic objectives to meet:

  1. To help MSMEs in these difficult times especially in terms of Finance, raw materials, labour, permissions, etc
  2. To enable MSMEs to capture new opportunities like manufacturing of medical accessories and even protection products like PPEs, masks, etc
  3. To identify future enterprises who have the potential to be big companies in the long run and grow to be national, and even international, champions.

Champions Portal MSME Grievance Online Registration Form 2021

In order to register online to avail of the benefits of the scheme, here is the procedure one would have to follow:

  • Visit the official portal of the Champions portal at the Champions Government portal.
  • On the homepage, there will be an option “Register here” wherein the applicant has to click on “Register Grievance” as shown below:
  •  Accordingly, MSMEs online registration form at the Champions Portal will appear as shown below:
  • The applicant would have to enter the user type, name of the applicant, state, address, district, email ID, mobile number and click on the “Get OTP on mobile number or Email ID button”
  • Once the applicant enters the right OTP, they will be validated through their mobile number. Then people or MSMEs can register their grievance.
  • Once the applicant submits an MSME grievance, the government will address the issue and look into solutions as soon as possible so as to benefit the MSME in question.

Who can register grievances at the Champions portal?

  1. Associations
  2. MSME units
  3. MSME employees
  4. Government officials
  5. Would-be entrepreneurs
  6. Individuals
  7. Others

Summing it up

In the long run, these MSMEs, when offered with the right resources, have the potential to be much more than what they are. The Champion portal enables these MSMEs attain more than what they aim for and this will help them be national entities in the future; key drivers in the direction of progress and economic affluence.

A developed nation is where MSMEs have the potential to function nationally and even internationally.  Not only does it help drive the finances in our favour, it also brings the country on the national radar, putting it at par with other developed nations.

With the Champion scheme in effect, MSMEs can now dream of being big players and every entrepreneur can now harbour hopes of being a business tycoon they always dream of being. Success is only a matter of how bad you want it, and isn’t that what Champions are made of?

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