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CSC registrations, though simple, can sometimes be time-consuming, solely for the reason that its verification takes longer than usual. This is because there is thorough verification in place for the same. 

If you have recently applied for your CSC registration, and are wondering what is the CSC Status of your registration here is how you can check it. 

Checking CSC registration Status

There are two possibilities that are often encountered while checking CSC status.  

  1. With CSC Application reference number
  2. Without CSC Application reference number

In this article, we are going to explore both options so that you find guidance in either of those situations. 

If you have the Registration number

If you have the registration number, all you have to do is

  1. log on to 
  2. Once the interface loads, you will see an Apply tab. Click on Apply and choose Status Check. Feed in your Application reference number here and submit it. 

In case you do not have your application number, for whatever reasons, you do not have to worry. 

  1. You can find out the application reference number for yourself. You would have to log into CSC Digital Seva Portal ID, and find out which email ID you had used while logging into your CSC registration. 
  2. You would simply then have to log in to that email ID, and trace the CSC application number which is mailed to you during application. 

In conclusion

In this way, you can log into the website to check your CSC status and be prepared to set things rolling once you come to know what’s the status of your application. 

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