Coir Industry Technology Upgradation Scheme (CITUS)

The Coir Board has taken it upon itself to contribute to rural self-employment and the empowerment of those under the Below Poverty Line. To accomplish the same, the Board is promoting the development of the coir industry wholeheartedly. 

In order to propagate its objectives in a more streamlined manner, the Board has introduced CITUS, which aims at providing efficient assistance to budding entrepreneurs for the procurement of plant and machinery. 

This also covers modernization of existing units and helping them establish refurbished units that produce more efficiently. 

Financial Remuneration for the CITUS

In order to propagate this scheme, the Financial assistance provided to entrepreneurs would be set at 25% of the total cost of admissible items of Plant and Machinery that are procured by the Coir Units. 

The maximum financial assistance that can be provided in monetary terms would be ₹25 Crores per coir unit or project. 

Objectives of the CITUS

  • To provide modern infrastructure facilities to manufacturing and production units as this results in qualitative and quantitative enhancement. 
  • Breeding a new generation of entrepreneurs. 
  • Modernizing and re-establishing prevalent coir processing units. 
  • Supporting the idea of State-of-the-art coir processing units which also leads to consumption of coir-based goods among the masses. 
  • Creating employment opportunities for women, especially for those in rural areas. 
  • Achieving a pollution-free coir industry with definite technological advancements studded with logistical solutions that can reach even the most remote parts of India. 
  • Facilitating a culture that adopts eco-friendly production of goods.

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