Coronavirus – outbreak in China and Public Health Response

The outbreak that has everyone muffling about in face masks, is actually more serious than you thought. On a daily basis an alarming rate of cases are reported. The number of those confirmed with the virus and those dying of it increases exponentially. 

The statistics confirm the above said facts. 

China versus Coronavirus

The situation in China though bad is quite better relatively, as opposed to a few weeks ago. As of 13th February 2020 a total of 5090 cases were detected in a day, which drastically fell over the course of weeks. As of 2nd March, 2020, the number of cases confirmed fell to 125 cases a day. 

Situation in India

So far, 3 confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been detected in Kerala, India. The patients who contracted the disease recovered soon and have also been discharged. Positive cases sprang up in New Delhi and Telengana too, who have been treated effectively and are currently deemed clinically stable. 

Global situation

Apart from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran have taken the worst hit due to the virus. While South Korea and Italy recorded 26 and 52 deaths to date, Iran recorded the most – a whopping 66 deaths to date. 

In summary

Remedial measures are being implemented all across the world, looking for a solution to a problem that’s consuming lives at an unprecedented rate. There are call-centres working 24×7 and currently 10 dedicated lines are used for the same. The following has been highlighted by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare – India Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

At this rate, it is only a matter of time when the world collectively rids off yet another threat faced by humankind as one. 

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