COVID-19 vaccine registration opens for all above 18 on April 28th. Here is what you need to know

With rising COVID-19 cases all across the country, the government has had to take some crucial decisions in the face of adversity. The government has now opened up vaccinations for citizens aged 18 years and above and it will start rolling out these vaccinations from the 28th of April 2021. This basically means that from May 1st onwards, all adults in the country would be considered eligible to receive these shots.

With misinformation spreading faster than the virus itself, here is what you need to keep yourself well-informed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How to register, book an appointment on the Co-WIN portal?

Ans: You can ideally register via three routes: advance Self-registration, on-sire registration and Facilitated Cohort registration. On-site registration is for those who could not register themselves in advance and therefore get themselves registered on the site and then get vaccinated. For Facilitated Cohort registration, there will be local administrators helping beneficiaries get registered.

Q2. How can I self-register?

Ans: Those willing to register themselves and book an appointment for vaccination can do so anytime, from anywhere using the Co-WIN 2.0 portal or simply through the Aarogya Setu App.

Q3. How to register and what documents to carry?

Ans: To register, one needs to register using his or her mobile number on the Co-WIN 2.0 portal which can be accessed here –

The applicant needs to fill in details like name, date of birth, gender and upload a photo ID proof like an Aadhaar card, voter card, passport, driving licence, PAN card or pension card.  Once the registration process is completed successfully, the beneficiary receives a confirmation message and the person can add three more people linked to the mobile number by clicking on the option “Add more”.

Q4. How to book an appointment?

Ans: Beneficiaries can schedule an appointment from the “Account details” page by clicking on the “Schedule Appointment” option on the portal. Through this option, one can search for the Vaccination centre of choice by State, District, Block and Pin Code from the drop-down menus available.

Once the beneficiary clicks on the Vaccination centre of choice, she or he has to get the dates and check for availability of slots. If a preferred slot is available, they can click on the “Book” button and then a confirmation page will be displayed. The applicant has to click on the “Confirm” option post verifying details for final confirmation on booking. The final scheduled appointment can be downloaded and saved.

Q5. What should one do if there are no slots available?

Ans: Considering the urgency for vaccinations, there is a likelihood of there being no slots available. In this case, the applicant has to click on the button to check appointment slots for subsequent days/weeks or try another vaccination centre around.

Q6. Can the appointment be rescheduled?

Ans: Yes. Once the appointment is fixed, it can be rescheduled at a later stage but this rescheduling needs to be done before the appointment day.

Q7. What are the documents I need to carry along on the appointment day?

Ans: In addition to the appointment confirmation letter, a person has to carry the Photo ID listed on the Co-WIN 2.0 portal at the time of taking the vaccination.

Q8. Should one register and get an appointment only for private facilities?

Ans: Registration and appointment need to be taken for both the private as well as government facilities, as this makes the vaccination process a lot more streamlined.

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