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Skills are essential to every business model. Without the right skill set, businesses fail to withstand the dynamicity of customer satisfaction – which is the spine of every business. 

The scheme is designed to impart skills to craftsmen across various vocational trades so as to meet the skilled man-power requirements for the ultimate purpose of technological and industrial growth. 

How the Craftsmen training offers assistance? 

The Craftsmen training programme is fashioned in a manner that’s accessible to all. The programme aims to offer quality access to skill acquiring at a subsidised (minimal) fee. 

Who can apply for the Craftsmen Training?

Students who are willing to create a niche for themselves in the industrial arena should at least possess academic qualification which would be prescribed by the programme requirements. These requirements depend upon the choice of trade and vary from class VIII pass to class XII pass. 

How can one apply for the Craftsmen training programme?

Admission may be obtained from the State Directorate who deals with the Craftsmen Training Scheme or even from the Principal of the concerned Industrial Training Institute which conducts training programmes under the Craftsmen Training scheme. 

In conclusion

Skill acquisition is one of the key aspects of industrial success. Only when you assure quality skill offered by quality craftsmen is when you can aim for industrial development on a detectable scale. 

For small companies to make it big requires man-power who is trained and informed to tackle the various challenges that come up in business. 
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