CSC Digital Cadets Bharti

In the current scenario, employment seems to be a massive issue. If not dealt with adequately, it might cause a whole lot of harm to the national economy, which, at the moment, is trying to reel back from the after-effects of the Pandemic and the consequent lockdown.

In such trying times, employment opportunities might be few, but the government is trying day in and out to offer as many jobs as possible.

One such interesting proposition is CSC Digital cadets.

What are CSC Digital Cadets?

CSC digital cadets can be anyone working under the CSC Vle whose sole task would be to provide services of CSC to people right at their doorsteps. This is to say that the job profile requires the employee to offer Doorstep service.

They will have to convey information to the people in their area and at the same time if any information or any work needed to be done, the CSC cadet will offer door-to-door assistance.

If a person has to open a bank account or withdraw money or faces any issue with loans, Aadhaar card, electricity bill, such facilities can be offered by the CSC cadet.

CSC cadets will also have to undertake governmental surveys from time to time.

Can I become a CSC digital cadet?

If you too have such a question, then you would be pleased to know that yes, you too can. In fact, any citizen of India who has knowledge about the work of Digital Seva or wants to offer digital services to the people of India can submit their applications under the CSC digital cadets recruitment through the nearest Common Service Centre (CSC).

Here is how you can go about applying for the CSC cadet

Objective of the scheme

The prime objective of the scheme is to offer employment to the unemployed youth of the nation and to offer them with a steady source of income to get through the pandemic and also beyond that. Also, CSC, in the longer run, intends to create a reputation as a door-to-door service provider, which would be possible if there are enough people executing the said vision of the governmental agency.

Documents needed to apply for the position of a CSC cadet

Candidates who apply for the Candidate common service center do not need to provide documents but only some personal information would ideally suffice:

  1. Candidate’s name
  2. Residence address
  3. Aadhaar Number
  4. Mobile number
  5. E-mail ID
  6. District

In conclusion 

Getting employment in the current scenario may feel impossible. The Government of India, therefore, calls upon anyone interested to serve the government, as there seems to be a lot that needs to be done and very few hands on deck. Essential workers are working tirelessly, and a few more hands to support would not be frowned over. Hence, the government is incentivizing this procedure so that those in search of jobs may also find something beneficial for them while they offer their time and efforts towards the betterment of the society, which at the moment needs every shred of support from every citizen out there.

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