CSC e-Governance Services – Bank Mitra Services

Those who have enrolled in the CSC services would have certain benefits you get to enjoy. For all the registration procedures you follow, there are certain plus points to them as well. 

CSC also offers Loan services through its Bank Mitra outlets, and if you were unaware of the same, here’s what may help you. 

CSC Bank Mitra Loan Services

It majorly depends on which bank Mitra portal you have registered with to enjoy a more streamlined and customized procedure for loan availing, however, on a general note, every Bank Mitra partnered bank offer the following loans:

  1. Personal Loans – for any personal requirement like marriages or clearing off debts
  2. Business loan – if you need a starting capital to begin with, a business loan would come in handy
  3. Home loan –  finding a space you can call home is usually an expensive affair. With Home loans from Bank Mitra partners, the process gets a whole lot simpler. 
  4. Two-wheeler / four wheeler loans – vehicles are an integral part of our sustenance and therefore are crucial. 

Eligibility criteria for CSC bank Mitra registration

  1. There ideally is no compulsion or eligibility metric. If you are a CSC VLE, then you can easily get a partner CSCS Bank Mitra, however…
  2. The applicant should have registered with Bank Mitra portal through CSC banking Portal and should also have passed the Bank Mitra Exam and should, therefore, have the IIBF certificate to vouch for. 

Parting thoughts

With these in mind, the applicant would get access to the benefits that Bank Mitras have to offer, thereby making life a whole lot simpler.

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