Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas – DWRCA

Back in the wee years of our independence, the Government of India realised that women and children were exploited for cheap labour all across the nation. Therefore, in September 1982, a scheme called the Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas or the DWRCA saw the light of day. 

Since then, the programme has grown exponentially and now works in association with UNICEF contributing immensely towards the emancipation of women and children from the clutches of exploitation. 

Aims and objectives of the DWRCA

The basic objective of the DWRCA is to provide avenues for rural women with opportunities that help them generate revenue through income-generating assets and steady enhancement of their skills. 

Another objective of the scheme was to provide rural women with thorough organisational support so that women can receive assistance in the production of goods and services and even find ways to make their products reach out to the buyers. 

In conclusion

The support for the scheme comes from the central government. The central government releases a systemised amount of ₹5000/-. This amount is even used towards literacy programmes for the girl child in rural areas. 

Nutrition and immunization are also other important agendas on the radar for the DWRCA. With these aims and goals in mind, the DWRCA provides opportunities for the holistic development of women and children all across the nation. This consequently leads to the progress of the nation, where every person feels a part of cumulative progress.

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