DISHA – a step in the right direction

The differently-abled have been ruled out of consideration for a fair and just living for the longest time now. And while the world seethes over gender equality and as newer provisions are being made to establish the same, the question that arises is, are we ruling out the differently-abled? 

What is Disha all about?

Disha is a scheme that aims towards the creation of Disha centres all across the nation. These Disha centres provide intervention for persons with Disability (PwD) in the 0-10 years of age group. This scheme is therefore covered under the National Trust Act and it not only extends support and intervention to disabled children but it also provides support and counseling to family members as well. 

What are the facilities provided in a Disha centre?

The Disha centre ideally provides the following facilities: 

  1. The organization that is registered with Disha would provide day-care facilities to PwD for a minimum of four hours a day, anytime between 8 am to 6 pm. These daycare programs will be studded with certain age-specific activities that would keep the children engaged. 
  2. The daycare centre is expected to stay functional for at least 21 days in a month. For the National Trust to fund the Disha centre, the minimum attendance required for a PwD in a Disha centre is 15 days a month. 
  3. The batch size of a Disha centre is 20 PwDs. The maximum number of PwDs allowed is 30%, which would be a maximum batch of 26 children. 

In conclusion

Disha, as a scheme is achieving tremendous new heights as PwDs now have a place to go to, to engage in activities and to basically live a lot fuller. 

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