Electricity Subsidy Yojana 2019

The Central Government is bringing the electricity subsidy scheme by improving the old policy regarding power distribution and related sectors. Regarding reforms under this government scheme, the Ministry of Power has prepared a new tariff policy. The Cabinet note prepared by the Ministry of Power for the electricity subsidy scheme 2019 (Bijli Subsidy Scheme) has been sent to all ministries. Once approved, it will be implemented in the entire country.

Presenting his first Union Budget 2019-20 of Modi Government 2.0, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said that in the coming speech the power subsidy to be given to power companies should be stopped. After getting approved by the ministries, this electricity subsidy scheme is expected to come in 10 days.

Under the new tariff policy Electricity subsidy scheme, in the proposal prepared by the Ministry of Power, the electricity subsidy will be transferred directly into the bank account of the consumer.

Electricity Subsidy Scheme 2019 – New Tariff Policy

This is the biggest change ever made in the scheme to provide power to the Center for the customers. The PM Modi Government has asked for a record from all the states in which how many farmers have used their fields within one year Has been irrigated so that in the next financial year (Financial Year 2020-21), the electricity subsidy scheme amount can be inserted under their electricity subsidy scheme 2019. E

So far, the subsidy given on electricity to farmers and other consumers is not given to them directly by the power distribution companies, but according to the recent report, the electricity companies should face losses in their revenues if they do not get the subsidy on time. Does matter. That is why the Central Government is working on the new electricity tariff policy.

Benefits of the electricity subsidy scheme, features

On the launch of the new Tariff Policy of the Center, the electricity subsidy scheme benefits and objectives will be beneficial to all, such as farmers, power distribution companies, and power mills. Every year there is more electricity in our country, but electricity prices are high. That’s because, in our country, the generation of electricity is good but its distribution, while the transmission, much electricity is wasted.

Within three years from the introduction of the new electricity tariff policy (Bijli Subsidy Yojana Implementation), the door for setting up electricity and smart meters in every household will be cleared and consumers will be provided electricity 24 hours a day. Apart from this, the unit prices will also be deducted from electricity.

  • Those people who pay their electricity bills on time will be exempted separately.
  • The provision of punishment is imposed with imposing fine on those who steal electricity.
  • Apart from this, fines will also be imposed on companies that do not stop theft.
  • Customers will get compensation if there is no supply of electricity to the customers or they do not get the power supply.

Note: All readers keep in mind that this proposal has been prepared now has not been approved. As soon as we get other information related to this scheme, we will update it on our website. Apart from this, stay connected to our website for information about other plans.

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