Extramural Research Grant

Science is the doorway to the future. The sooner a nation realizes that the sooner it progresses. For a young country like India, Science has really helped it leap onto milestone after another. 

In order to help science flourish even further, the Government established the Extramural Research Grant, which is a funding scheme of the SERB. 

What Is The Objective Of The EMR?

The prime objective of the scheme is to provide the necessary funding to active researchers and institutions to carry out research and development in specific areas of science and engineering. 

Engineering has been the field of interest for a developing nation like India for quite some decades now. Engineering research paves way for innovations hitherto undreamt of. However, engineering research requires equipment, which is rather expensive. 

You Are An Active Researcher? Here’s How You Can Avail the Grant

  1. The Applicant should be an Indian citizen. However, the Grant does not restrict to Indian citizens alone. Foreign nationals can also apply for the Grant if they fulfill the eligibility criteria notified by the SERB. 
  2. The applicant must hold a regular academic / research position in a recognized institution or a national laboratory. 
  3. Investigators who will be superannuating the duration of the project or already superannuated are also eligible to apply for the grant. In such a case, the faculty/scientist from the host institute who has at least 5 years of service remaining should be associated as a Co-principal Investigator. 
  4. The Principal Investigator and the Co-Principal Investigator should have Ph. D. Degree in Science, Mathematics. Engineering or M.D/M.S/M.D.S/M.V. Sc degree at the time they apply for the grant. 
  5. The Applicant of EMR can submit their proposal only once in a calendar year. 

In Conclusion

When you have the backing of the Government in terms of research and innovation, the results that stem out of it prove to be priceless in the world of knowledge and creativity. When a researcher enjoys such a platform that supports his/her ideas, it helps pave the way for more scientists in the country.

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