Gharaunda – A scheme for the welfare of the disabled

When we look at a person with disabilities, what’s an evident sight is a caring parent who would just not leave their child’s side. These parents however are constantly worrying about what will happen to their little ones once they are no longer around. 

To put to rest such worries, the Gharaunda scheme has come to existence. Gharaunda is a life-long shelter and care centre for people with disabilities. 

Objectives of the Gharaunda

  1. The most basic objective is to provide minimum quality of care services throughout the life of a person with special needs like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities. 
  2. To encourage assisted living with a definite sense of dignity and pride. 
  3. Facilitating the establishment of an infrastructure that is conducive and promises care for the person with disabilities. 
  4. Providing healthcare and services at really affordable prices. 

Salient features of the scheme

The salient features of the scheme are mentioned herewith: 

  1. The minimum quality care service would be provided as per the need assessment of every individual in need of life-long care. 
  2. Care services provided under the scheme would be on payment basis only. 
  3. The National Trust along with the State government and various other stakeholders will help setting up the infrastructure and various other support systems on a long-lasting basis for running group home. 

Parting thought

With this scheme in place, the Government ensures that the parents are no longer worried about the fate of the children they leave behind once they wouldn’t be around. This not only instills faith in the people in the government but it also reflects the efforts the government is taking towards the welfare of those with needs.

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