Green Revolution – Krishonnati Yojana

In 2018, the government of India approved an umbrella scheme called “Green Revolution – Krishonnati Yojana” for the agricultural sector of India. Beyond the scheme’s 12th 5-year plan, the scheme has been launched with a central share of Rs. 33,270 crore. This umbrella scheme consists of a total of 11 sub-schemes or missions.

What are the objectives of the Green Revolution – Krishonnati Yojana?

The scheme aims at establishing an agricultural sector in an innovative and scientific way, helping increase the income of farmers by developing better yield and higher returns on their produce.

Following are the sub-schemes launched under the parent scheme Green Revolution – Krishonnati Yojana:

  1. National Food Security Mission
  2. Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture
  3. National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Submission on Agriculture Extension
  5. Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization
  6. Sub-Mission on Seeds and Planting Material
  7. Sub-Mission on Plant Protection and Plant Quarantine
  8. Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Census, Economics, and Statistics
  9. Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Cooperation
  10. National e-Governance Plan
  11. Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Marketing

Benefits of Green Revolution – Krishonnati Yojana

The scheme has been launched with the aim of achieving food security and promoting the agricultural sector by proffering impetus to the overall production of rice, wheat, pulses, and coarse grains. The scheme recognizes the most effective agricultural practices and measures based on the agro-ecological climate. The government, through this scheme, aims at doubling farmers’ income by the year 2022. Moreover, the scheme will help establish various warehouse facilities, storehouses, watershed development, electrification of rural areas, and road construction.

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