How to open Aadhar Card Agency from CSC in 2020?

Ever since the Aadhar card got announced, the nation has been in a constant need of a more streamlined procedure to offer Aadhar card to those who need it. Practically everyone who is a citizen of India needs to have an Aadhar card to get by with their day-to-day activities, which largely include banking, and banks necessitate the need for an Aadhar.

The CSC is a crucial platform as it allows one to do a lot of private and government work online just by sitting in at your CSC center.

As remuneration for one’s hard work, the government also pays a handsome salary, which can allow one to balance finances and lead a much more dignified life.

What can you get done through the Online portal?

Through the online portal, one can open a new account, can start a PAN card agency, carry out GST related work and also book flight tickets, bus tickets, can perform hotel bookings and offer personal, business, home and even car loan.

CSC Aadhar Card work

Aadhar card is provided through the Common Service Centers or the CSCs. In case you are interested in opening an Aadhar card center through the CSC, here is what you need to know.

Primarily, to be eligible to run an Aadhar card agency, the applicant has to pass an Aadhar operator supervisor exam.

For this, the applicant has to register for the Aadhar Card supervisor examination.

Process to become Aadhar Card operator

  1. In order to become an Aadhar card operator, the applicant has to apply online and no other means of application are made available for the same. The entire process has been digitized for the betterment and ease of the people and also to ward off any notorious attempts or corruption seeping in.
  2. Candidates are needed to have a valid personal e-mail ID through which most of the communication will come through. This e-mail ID should be kept active till the examination process is complete as there would be communications reaching the candidate through this medium. Information regarding the tests, location, etc would be given to the candidate through this email ID.
  3. Candidate should fill the registration form and complete details with utmost accuracy and generate a registration number and password too.
  4. Once the registration is complete, the candidate will have to log in with the registration number and password and enter the profile page and download the challan for the test.
  5. Once the challan is filled in clear and neat handwriting, the candidate has to enter the nearest SBI branch and pay the fees. Payment would be made in the name of “MERITTRY UIDAI ESCROW A/C” and the account address would be 2nd block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, CBS, and the application number along with the appropriate fee mentioned.

Once the process is complete, the candidate would have to appear for the exam and on due completion and a successful attempt would be licensed to start an Aadhar center through the CSC.

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