Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats

India houses a vast variety of plants and animals specific to the subcontinent. It makes India one of the 17 most Mega diverse countries of the world. It therefore becomes essential to preserve the habitats in which most of these flora and fauna thrive in. 

The Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats or IDWH is an initiative by the government to create an environment that is beneficial to the existence of all flora and fauna. 

Budgeting for the Scheme

Considering the task at hand, the price of our environment is unmatched. But even if we do account for the price of resources that go into the preservation of habitats, an estimate comes up to Rs 1731.72 crore, which is also determined as the Central share of the Project from 2017-18 TO 2019-20. 

Out of this, Rs 1143 crore is for Project Tiger, Rs 496.50 crore is for Development of Wildlife Habitats and Rs 92.22 crore for Project Elephant. 

Activities and Outcomes of the IDWH

The environmental benefits are evident in certain parts of the country. This is because of the effective implementation of strategies across the nation. One such success project is the rejuvenation of the number of tigers in the country. 

Another important outcome of the IDWH is the increase in employment. A large chunk of the people suffers from the ills of unemployment. If somehow this idle workforce is channelized towards the well-being of the environment, there will be two separate segments of nature benefitting from each other – interdependency at its finest!

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