Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2019

The central government invites Kusum Yojana online registrations. The Union govt. will provide 3 crore solar pumps to farmers under Kisan Urja Suraksha Utthan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM) Scheme till FY 2022. These solar agricultural pump sets at subsidy would replace agriculture pumps currently running from electricity and diesel.

The primary aim of the Kusum Scheme is to provide advanced technology to farmers to generate power. These solar pumps have double benefits as it will assist farmers in irrigation and will also allow farmers to generate safe energy. As these pump sets comprise of the energy power grid, farmers can sell the extra power directly to the government which would also increase their income.

KUSUM Yojana as announced by the central govt. would promote solar power production and solar farming to benefit farmers. In Union Budget 2018-19, union govt. has made a budgetary provision of Rs. 48000 crore for the upcoming 10 years and allocation of funds is to be done in 4 segments.

Kusum Scheme Components:

The various components of Kusum Scheme 2019 are as follows:-

  • Solar Pumps Distribution – During the Kusum Yojana 1st phase, the power department in association with departments of the central govt. are going to work towards the successful distribution of solar-powered pumps.
  • Construction of Solar Power Factory – This includes the construction of solar power plants which would have a capacity to produce a significant amount of power.
  • Setting up tubewells – The 3rd component of this scheme includes setting up tubewells which are also going to generate a certain amount of power.
  • Modernization of present Pumps – Only the production of power is not one of the aims of this Kusum Scheme 2018-19. The final component of the m scheme deals with the modernization of pumps that are currently in use and to replace old pumps by solar pumps.

In addition, banks would also provide 30% extra of total expenses as bank loans to farmers. Now the farmers would only have to spend the upfront cost and are around 10% of the l cost to set up these solar projects. Candidates can click at Contact Us link in case of any further query.

As per the initial draft of Kusum Yojana 2019, these plants are going to be erected only on infertile areas which are capable of generating a total of 28000 MW power. In the 1st phase, govt. would provide 17.5 lakh solar-powered pumps to agricultural laborers.

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