Mission Indradhanush

On December 25, 2014, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched Mission Indradhanush. Implemented for social welfare, the scheme envisions to provide immunization cover to all children and pregnant women across our country by the end of 2020. Under Mission Indradhanush, children and pregnant women from socio-economic, traditional, and regional aspects in India are immunized.


The objective of Mission Indradhanush is to provide immunization, including all vaccines, to all children who are less than 2 years old and pregnant women. As per government analysis, there are 201 districts in 28 states that have the highest rates of unimmunized or partially immunized children and pregnant women.

For the initial two phases of Mission Indradhanush, the rate of immunization coverage has increased from 1% to 6.7% annually. As of August 2017 analysis, four phases of the scheme have been launched, and more than 3 crore children and 70 lac pregnant women have been immunized.


Based on the catchup campaign, immunization drives will be conducted throughout the country to ensure widespread coverage. Moreover, under this scheme, pregnant women will be administered a tetanus vaccine, emergency packets, and zinc tablets. Women are provided with medical facilities and protected against diseases, such as diarrhea and dehydration, and other medical needs.

Under this scheme, free-of-cost vaccinations are provided by the government of India, and the following diseases are covered: diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, meningitis, childhood tuberculosis, hepatitis B, pertussis, pneumonia, and Japanese encephalitis. The vaccines provided are rotavirus vaccine, IPV, adult JE vaccine, etc.

Regions covered

Mission Indradhansh mainly covers the following regions, which are under:

  • Polio eradication scheme
  • Low routine immunization
  • Available sub-centers
  • Missed routine immunization sessions.

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