Mission Karmayogi Yojana (NPCSCB) 2020: Features, Objectives & Benefits

Government officials have always put the interest of the citizens before themselves, and they have, at several instances, done more than what their duties demand. These are selfless workers who have sacrificed their dreams of working for multinational corporates and rather intended to offer their services to the welfare of the people.

Taking cognizance of the people who offer their services day in and out for the welfare of the masses, the Union Cabinet has approved the Karmayogi Yojana – a scheme dedicated for the welfare of government officials and to improve working conditions for them. Under the scheme, special training will be given to increase the capacity of civil servants and other government employees.

Objectives of the Mission Karmayogi

The Mission Karmayogi has been launched to primarily prepare the Indian Civil servant for the future by making them more creative, constructive, imaginative, innovative, proactive professional with a progressive mindset and energetic demeanour and to help them be more transparent and tech-savvy.

The ultimate agenda of the scheme is to lay the foundation for capacity building for Civil Servants in India.

Other objectives of the scheme are mentioned here:

  1. New National Architecture for Civil Services Capacity building
  2. Comprehensive reform for building the capacity of the individual at the institutional level and process levels for efficient public service delivery
  3. PM-led HR council to approve and monitor Civil service capacity building plans
  4. Another main objective is to build and share learning resources, including internal and external faculty and resource centers.
  5. There will also be the supervision of the implementation of the Capacity-building plans with definitive stakeholder departments
  6. There will also be recommendations on standardization of training and a definite pedagogy in place and a certain methodology will be followed.

Benefits of the scheme

The mission basically aims to develop government employees to serve the country in the best manner possible so that it allows the creation of a platform to help enable them to be better performers at their jobs.

The mission enables Civil servants to learn from some of the best institutions and practices across the world.

There will be a council spearheaded by none other than the Prime Minister which was approved for the civil service capacity scheme under the requirements of the Karmayogi mission. The Chief Minister will also be a member of the council to offer inputs and expertise and make resources accessible for the successful fruition of discussed plans and undertaken endeavours.

There will also be an emphasis on “on-site learning” to complement “off-site” learning so that Civil servants are well-equipped to deal with problems occurring on both grounds.

Summing it up

In order to bring about enhancement of the performance of civil servants to bring about the best in them so that they can serve the nation well and also look for personal growth in their career, the government of India launched this programme. With this scheme in place, civil servants now have a chance to be useful to the people in a more effective manner and also ensure their own growth in the meanwhile.

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