National Food for Work Programme – NFFWP

Food is a major motivator for success, and banking on this, the government has launched the National Food for Work program. The scheme dates back to November 14, 2004, and was launched in almost 150 districts of India. 

This scheme was targeted to benefit the backward districts of the country. The program is typically aimed at manual unskilled labor workers and those who are in need of wage employment constantly. 

Roughly around ₹20 lakh metric ton of food grains and over ₹2000 crores were allocated for the programme during its implementation in 2004-05. 

Objectives of the National Food for Work Programme (NFFWP)

The basic objective of the NFFWP program was to provide extra resources that are provided under the Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana so that wage workers get to benefit from basic food security. This is achieved through the systematic and intensified creation of need-based assets in these deprived districts. 

Funding for the scheme

The NFFWP is a centrally funded scheme. Foodgrains are generally provided free of cost to these targeted states. There are states that are supposed to cover transportation costs, handling charges, and looking after the taxes incurred by the implementation of this scheme. 

In conclusion 

The government makes sure that people have the right motivation to work. With food security offered, daily waged employees can now feel secure that at least they get to sleep with their bellies full. This is a scheme that aims to abolish starvation from the scenario and aims to abolish nutrition issues in the country.

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