National Literacy Mission – NLM

A large chunk of the population is still suffering under the ills of poverty, trying to survive and make it from one day to another without proper housing, access to healthcare and healthy food. 

Acknowledging the ills of poverty, the Government of India recognised that sound education is the only way to get rid of this evil. In the light of this acknowledgement, the National Literacy Mission (NLM) came into being. 


The NLM started all the way back in 1988 and since has been a nationwide programme, aiming to educate the populace and introducing them to the better aspects of life like an opportunity to hold a job, earn a roof, food and access to reasonable and quality healthcare. 

Objectives of the Mission

The broader objective of the mission is towards educating roughly around 80 million adults in the age group of 15-35 over a span of 80 years. 

Some of the objectives of the Mission:

  1. The Mission seeks to attain full literacy and aim for a 75% literacy rate across the nation 
  2. To provide quality and affordable education to disadvantaged groups like women from rural areas marginalised groups like the Scheduled caste and scheduled tribes, dalits, etc. 
  3. The basic objective is the creation of a generation which emphasises the education of their children. The ultimate aim is to promote the motto, “Education for all.”
In conclusion

With this scheme in action, we are looking at a brighter, more informed future for our nation that has long since struggled in the shadows of poverty. Brighter and better days lie ahead of us. 

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