National Mission for a Green India

Climate change is real, and the sooner we take evasive measures, the better our chances of saving our planet from destruction. The Indian Government realizes the importance of taking eco-friendly measures in due time, as time is of the essence right now, and has duly launched the National Mission for Green India (GIM). 

Aims of the Mission:

The mission aims at mainly protecting, restoring, and enhancing the forest cover of the country and therefore positively responding to the climate change crisis all over the world. It focuses on serving not just the forest ecosystem but various other ecosystems, especially the biodiversity (of what we, as a nation, are proud of), water, biomass, preserving mangrove stretches, wetlands, and various other habitats which are critical to the environmental balance. 

Mission Goals: 

  1. The prime mission goal is to increase the forest and tree cover to the extent of million hectares across the nation. This is mainly to improve the quality of forest or tree cover to another 5 million hectares of forest or non-forest lands
  2. To improve or enhance ecosystem services like carbon sequestration and storage, hydrological services and biodiversity; along with offering services like fuel, fodder and timber or non-timber forest produces
  3. To increase the basic forest-based livelihood income of about 3 million households across the nation


In this way, the mission not only ends up serving the environment but also a million households, who earn a decent means of sustenance through the preservation of nature. It’s an absolute win-win for all. 

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