National Rural Employment Programme (NREP)

The growing economic tension in the country has been a persistent thorn in the side of India. Since its independence, various attempts have been made to deal with the everlasting issue of unemployment. However, the NREP is one such attempt at ridding the country from the clutches of unemployment and making sure everyone has a steady source of income. 

What is the NERP?

The National Rural Employment Programme offers people from rural areas an equal shot at job opportunities across the nation. The growing disparity in terms of personal finance between those in the rural and urban areas has increasingly led to people from rural areas to move to the urban areas, making urban management difficult. 

The NREP aims to provide employment opportunities in the rural areas, especially in times of drought and other such scarcities. 

How does the NERP aim to achieve it’s objectives?

The NREP implementation aims at initiating projects such as construction of irrigation wells to better equip farmers in times of drought or famine. It also aims at building schools, colleges and other such infrastructural advancements. 

Apart from these, the NREP also aims to achieve afforestation in drought-affected areas so that the climatic impact in those areas mitigate over the years to come. 

Parting Thoughts

In order to create a platform for the economy to soar, the government has taken the right steps in the right direction. With the NREP, rural residents would feel empowered and enabled to reach for a lifestyle that they have always desired.

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