NISHTHA scheme

Education is the foundation of progress. It, therefore, deserves the utmost importance, and hence the Governments all across the world are turning all their efforts to it. in another attempt to impart good quality education, the HRD under the Government of India launched the NISHTHA scheme – the largest known teachers’ training program. 

Education is meaningless without the presence of an able teacher who facilitates the students towards excellence. Quality education is actually an outcome of well-trained teachers. 

Main objectives of NISHTHA 

NISHTHA aims to equip and motivate teachers to encourage and foster critical thinking among students of the 21st century. The massive training program will increase awareness among teachers from all across the country and help them achieve a required level of competency to impart quality education. 

NISHTHA will help teachers get more awareness regarding school safety and security, personal-social qualities, health and well-being which include yoga, meditation and battling mental health issues effectively. 

Project undertakings

Under the program, the standardized modules will be developed at the national level for all States and Union territories. However, the State and Union Territories will be able to contextualize the training module and use their own material and resource persons. 

Training to the teachers will be conducted by Key Resource Persons and State Resource Persons who will be State and UT identified. The key resource person will be trained by 120 National Resource Persons identified by the NCERT, CBSE along with KVS and NVS and the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and various Non-governmental Organisations. 

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