NREGA Job Card List 2020

Launched by the Ministry of Rural Development, the Government of India and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005, the NREGA job card has been an effective tool for workers all over the nation. These job cards are provided to poor families in this scheme which is launched by the central government with the ultimate aim of enhancing the livelihood and the level of security of the workforce in India, especially in the rural areas.

The NREGA job cards have been prepared every year by the Ministry of Rural Development, which can be viewed through the official website of MNREGA.

As the number of workforces in India keeps rising every year, the MNREGA agency keeps adding more names to the NREGA scheme, and similarly, some names are removed from the list if they no longer meet the standards of NREGA and have managed to elevate their standard of living and no longer need governmental assistance.

What is the MNREGA Job card?

Through the NREGA job card, the government of India is tirelessly working to offer employment to the people of India, especially in the wake of the mass unemployment across the nation.

All those who belong to poor families and are in search of jobs will be given the card. Those who meet the unqualified eligibility criteria for the job card are also, at the moment, being offered the job card.

Beneficiary workers can also download the job card online.

If you are an applicant of the scheme and wish to see if your name has made it to the list, here is how you can go about it.

How to check if your name is on the MNREGA job card list

  • Visit the official website of MNREGA. On clicking the given link, the homepage of the website will load up
  • You will see a section on the MNREGA website reading the “Job cards” option in the Transparency and accountability section.
  • A new page will open in front of you where you see the list of all states. In this list, click on the state of your residence.
  • You will get have a page load up where you would have to provide information related to the financial year, district, block, and Panchayat. On filling all information regarding your place of residence, click on the “Proceed” option.
  • Once you click on proceed, a new page will open which will display NREGA job card list according to the district, region and panchayat. You, as an MNREGA applicant, would have to click on your Job card number.
  • After clicking on the job card number, the information about the job card will load up on the screen where all information regarding the job card will be displayed.

In this manner, an MNREGA job applicant will get information about the NREGA job card list which will open avenues for jobs all across the nation.

In conclusion

Times are tough lately with millions losing out on jobs. With such initiatives, those below the poverty line have a shred of hope to hang on to and know that in due time, things will be all right.

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