Off-grid and Decentralized Solar Photovoltaic Applications Scheme

Implemented by The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, the government of India has recently approved the phase III of the off-grid and decentralized solar photovoltaic (PV) applications program scheme. Under this scheme, 118 MWp off-grid solar PV capacity will be created by March 31, 2020.


There are various objectives of Off-grid and decentralized solar photovoltaic applications scheme as follows:

  1. Promoting off-grid implementation of solar PV systems for providing electricity to houses, institutions, and commercial establishments.
  2. Spreading awareness and demonstrating effective usage of solar PV systems.
  3. Promoting innovation to address various marketing demands to establish sustainable business models.
  4. Encouraging the replacement of fossil fuels and nonrenewable sources.
  5. Providing guidance to channel partners and generating a paradigm shift for commoditizing solar PV systems. 


Off-grid and decentralized solar photovoltaic applications scheme provides three primary components.

Under this scheme, over 3 lac street lights, operating on grid power will be installed throughout India, especially aiming areas without any street light facility. Over 25-kWp solar power plants will be deployed in regions where there is a shortage/absence of grid power. The solar power plant will have an estimated capacity of 100 MWp. In several regions of North-eastern states and Left-Wing Extremism-affected districts, over 25 lac solar study lamps will be installed.

The total budget of the aforementioned components is Rs. 1895 crore; of the total budget, Rs. 637 crore will be offered as central financial support. Over 40 lac rural households will be benefited from the scheme, and employment opportunities will be created for the masses.

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