PAHAL – direct benefit transfer for LPG (dbtl)

The PAHAL – direct benefit transfer for LPG (dbtl) scheme was launched on 1st June 2013 by the Government of India. This scheme aims to directly transfer the subsidy amount on an LPG Gas cylinder to the bank account of the consumer. It had two phases, one where the consumer had to link their AADHAR number and the second where the consumer did not have to link the AADHAR number and could still receive the subsidy directly into their bank account. This process of direct transfer of subsidy was done to eliminate any misuse of the funds.


The LPG cylinders would be given to the consumers at market price and the subsidy will be deposited in their bank account. It is not mandatory to have an AADHAR card to get a subsidy. The consumer must have a bank account to receive the subsidy amounts.

The new consumer would be given a one-time advance payment and it would be adjusted at the end of termination of the gas connection.

Consumers & non-consumers are given a Grace period of 3 months, a Parking Period of 3 months, and another additional Parking Period of 3 months to become Cash Compliant Consumers (CTC). Consumers have the option of not availing the subsidy benefit.

Every consumer is entitled to a certain number of subsidized cylinders for a year, according to their eligibility.


  1. To eradicate the misuse of Government funds for subsidy. 
  2. To stop the unauthorized sale of gas cylinders.
  3. To manage the gas cylinder distribution network more efficiently.
  4. To make the process consumer-friendly for booking, delivering gas cylinders & receiving subsidies.

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