Passport Seva Project

Passport is an essential document, which stands as an ultimate proof of one’s nationality. When it comes to an international trip, of any nature whatsoever, a passport turns out to be the most crucial document there could be. 

Over the last couple of decades, the Government has acknowledged the importance of the passport and encouraged more people to get their passports made. For this, the government has tried to simplify the process all the more, which is a result that stems from the relentless efforts of the Passport Seva Project. 

The Department In-charge

Since a passport is essential to an individual’s travel, quite naturally the onus of implementing the tasks to smoothen out the passport application process falls on the able shoulders of the Ministry of External Affairs or the MEA. 

The MEA basically issues passports to the citizens of India through a vast network of passport issuance offices across the country. 

Privatization of implementation

Earlier, it was observed that getting your passport was quite a laborious process. It had multiple levels to it, and in the lack of modern equipment, which required a larger infrastructure and a higher capital investment, it was difficult for government agencies to pull it off with efficiency. 

The Passport Seva Project bridged this implementation gap by tying up with Public-Private Partnership or a PPP mode with Tata Consultancy Services. This partnership has not only speed-tracked the whole procedure but made it all the more safe and reliable. 

Parting thoughts 

With the Passport Seva Project in action, your overseas dreams can now be fulfilled in due course of time. Gone are those days now when you would have to wait for months to get your passport issues. With PSP, it is only a matter of days now. Click here to get assistance for the same.

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