Prerna – a Marketing Scheme

There is no such thing as a disabled person. Every person is differently-abled, and that is the message the Indian Government is trying to project through the Prerna Marketing scheme. 

The Prerna Marketing scheme is an initiative by the Government of India that allows differently-abled people to sell products and services they can offer online. 

The objective of Prerna scheme

In the digital era, offering accessibility has become an unimaginable reality. Providing Persons with Disabilities with a platform where they can offer value to the masses and gain benefits is what happens to be Prerna’s prime objective. 

Prerna also provides funds to PwDs so that they can participate in exhibitions, meals, and various other competitions where they can showcase their talents. They are even provided with incentives depending on the sales turnover they generate by selling their products. 

What are the eligibility criteria for the registered organization to apply for Prerna?

  • The eligibility criteria for the Work Centre

The Work centre would be recognized eligible only if 51% of the working persons are PwDs 

The PwD employees in a Work centre should mandatorily be above 14 years of age. 

The Work centre should be run by RO of the National Trust

  • Criteria for the Registered Organisation

Applicant should be registered with the National Trust

RO should have at least 2 years of experience working with PwDs

RO should not be blacklisted by the National Trust or any governmental organization. 

RO should be registered under the PwD Act 

In conclusion

With these provisions in place, it can be safely assumed that the internet has brought equal opportunities to those who always felt they could never be at par with the society around them.

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