Rahat Package

The nation, currently, is under the clutches of Coronavirus. And one can only imagine the long-lasting effect it will have on each person’s source of income and daily sustenance, especially of those who live on daily wages. 

In the wake of the plight the poor of our nation are going through, the government released the Rahat scheme for those affected by the pandemic. 

This package even encompasses farmers who are severely affected by the outbreak. 

Who all are eligible for the benefits of Rahat package?

  • Poor families who are living below the poverty line and have a registered ration card
  • Labourers registered under the MNREGA scheme
  • HJNADHAN scheme account holders
  • Construction workers

Amount under the Rahat Package

The whole aim of the package is to provide relief to those affected and helping them get through these tough times. The scheme was introduced by India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the current budget allotted to it is 1.70 lakh crore. 

Not only that, but the Rahat package also has a provision for Doctors and nurses who are currently at the forefront in the battle against the Coronavirus outbreak. As per the government a sum of ₹50 lakhs would be allotted to these brave hearts who are putting their lives on the line of fire for the welfare of the society. 

In conclusion

With such provisions promised by the Government, the people are assured that the government is actively doing things to ensure their welfare and health. With the lockdown being one of the harshest in the world, a lot of people have lost their means of livelihood and this is really a stroke of brilliance on the government’s part to help these people. 

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