Rejuvenation, Modernization and Technology Upgradation of the Coir Industry – REMOT

One of the oldest industries in India, the coir industry is known to generate total value from things that generally go to waste (coconut husks). However, in the presence of the right machinery and equipment, this raw material can actually be used to turn husk into fibre and yarn. 

The coir industry has relied on primitive means of this husk to fibre transformation. To change things for good and to bring in a definite amount of upgrading, the government introduced the Rejuvenation, Modernization and Technology Upgradation of the Coir Industry or the REMOT in 2007-08. 

Objectives of the scheme

The main objectives of the scheme are mentioned here: 

  1. Bringing the coir industry up to pace with modern times by adopting modern technology in the production and processing of coir across various spinning and weaving sectors
  2. Upgradation of the production and processing of coir industry
  3. Improving the overall quality of the goods produced by coir
  4. Generating employment in rural areas by bringing valuable opportunities in coir industries and factories
  5. Providing more employment for women in the rural sector which thereby abolishes gender discrimination in the workforce

In conclusion

Providing technical support and assisting coir industries with technological advancements will do a world of good to these industries. In the long run, these industries will flourish and grow. The government stands to be in the best position to support and aid the growth of the coir industry and through REMOT; it clearly seems to be going on the right track.

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