Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme

The Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme is what is seen to be one of the most successful attempts at ridding the country’s economy off of unemployment and the consequent poverty that comes with it. 

In the long run, unemployment has proven to be the real cause of poverty of millions across the nation. Finally, the Government led by Indira Gandhi took the initiative to do something about it. The result of that crucial decision making has proven to be the Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme. 


Acknowledging the pitiful condition of the economy, the government decided to put into action this plan that targeted those who did not possess land, and ensured guaranteed employment for them within a span of 100 days. 

There was also a special earmarking of funds for specific activities like 25 per cent for social forestry, 10 per cent for works benefitting only those from the Scheduled castes and / or scheduled tribes. In addition, 20 percent was set out for housing under the Indira Awaas Yojana. 


Speaking of the progress we as a country are making now, we have to acknowledge the policies that were implemented in days when the economy was in shambles. On the blueprint set by our prior leaders and their precision is what current leaders are able to better them. 

In the long run, these are the decisive steps that determine the direction in which the country’s progress is headed.

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