Sakshar Bharat Mission

Education is the surest way that can lead India out of its current state of poverty and financial trench. Education leads people to gain industrially essential skills which makes the workforce a lot more competent and improves the quality of output. 

Not just that, better education also imparts a better lifestyle to people and brings in a world of good. 

In the wake of this understanding, the Government of India initiated the Sakshar Bharat Mission. 

The objective of the Mission

Literacy is of dire importance to the nation currently and the Sakshar Bharat Mission is on its way to bring about change in its own way. 

The main objectives the mission aims to accomplish are:

  1. Achieving 80% literacy levels at the national level by directing efforts specifically towards female literacy and adult literacy programmes. 
  2. Creating awareness of the social differences that spring up in the lack of education and its far reaching implications that make development more difficult. 
  3. It also aims at imparting relevant skills to people that enables them better jobs. 
  4. Promoting a society inclined towards learning and providing adequate higher education opportunities. 
  5. The main target of the scheme is to impart functional literacy to around 70 million non-literates around the age group of 15 years and above. 

In conclusion 

Imparting education brings up a ray of hope in the life of those who often feel oppressed and exploited. It not only brings about a higher standard of living but impacts the national economy incredibly, which is the need of the hour.

2 thoughts on “Sakshar Bharat Mission

  1. Dear policy makers such type of schemes to boost education system is not constructive where transparency is behind bottom level,it is wastage of resources nothing jk this scheme was working in papers l have properly observed.

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