Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana (SGRY) – A Hope for those in the Rural Areas

Unemployment is a real issue, grappling the economy of the country. And while the situation has gotten better for urban residents over the past couple of decades, the situation still remains to be deplorable for those residing in the rural areas. 

Agriculture happens to be the primary occupation in the rural areas and in an Agrarian economy; it stands to be ironic that it is a low paying job for those involved directly. Governments over the years have tried to deal with this issue and lead to the upliftment of those living a deplorable life due to poor or no income at all. 

And while many schemes have been implemented and taken off the grid, there happen to be a few that have proven to be successful over the years. One such scheme is the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana (SGRY). 

Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana is a full-proof plan that never misses its mark. And out of the many schemes that have seen the light of day for the betterment of the poor, there happen to be only a few that worked out well, and one such scheme happens to be SGRY. 

Objectives of the Gramin Rozgaar Yojana

The broader objectives of the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana are mentioned as follows:

  1. The main objective of the scheme is to provide additional and supplementary wage-based employment to the residents of rural areas 
  2. To provide basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter along with education and vocational training to those who need it. 
  3. Another objective of the Gramin Rozgaar Yojana is to create durable communities that focus on social and economic assets and infrastructural development in rural areas of the country. 

Features of the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana

What makes the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana an effective one is the features that it comprises of. Its efficiency and long-term effectiveness is determined through the implementation of the following features. 

  • Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana will be implemented through the Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs). 
  • The funds and food grains promised under the scheme would be made available for all the three tiers of PRIs:
    a. District Panchayats
    b. Intermediate Panchayat
    c. Village Panchayat
  • The resources among the three tiers of the panchayat in a specific district would be distributed in a 20:30:50 ratio. 
  • From the total food grains and funds, 5% of each would be retained in the Ministry for unforeseen circumstances or for acute distress arising out of any natural calamities. 

Who are the main Beneficiaries under the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana?

The benefits of the Yojana are available to the rural poor who are in need of wage-generating employment opportunities. The program helps people earn a means of living, based on which they can then afford the basic needs of life. 

The program is aimed to provide wage employment to the following preferences: 

  • Agricultural wage earners
  • Unskilled wage earners who do not partake in agricultural activities
  • Marginal farmers who find it hard to sustain themselves
  • Rural residents who are victims of natural calamities 
  • Women
  • Members of the scheduled caste or scheduled tribe or scheduled tribe
  • Parents of differently-abled children in rural areas
  • The adult child of handicapped parents who are actively seeking job opportunities to work for financial stability. 

Provisions for safeguarding weaker sections and women of the society

Women and those below the Poverty line find it laborious to improve their pre-existing financial and social situations. To add to it, unemployment and lack of opportunities make it even worse, thereby creating a vicious cycle that’s impossible to get out of. 

The salient features of the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana target such weaker sections of the society and implement policies that work towards their betterment. Some of the highlights of the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana are: 

  1. 22.5% of the annual allocation – which includes food grains – allocated at district and intermediate panchayats will be reserved for individual or group beneficiary schemes of SC/ST families living below the Poverty Line. 
  2. A minimum of 50% of the Village Panchayat allocation will be reserved for the creation of need-based village infrastructure in SC/ST habitations. 
  3. Evident efforts will be directed towards reserving 30% of employment opportunities for women under the program. 

In conclusion

Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana is a scheme that has meticulously drawn out a plan for the residents of rural areas. The most common string across all modern-day problems turns out to be the dearth of income-generating opportunities. 

With the provisions made by the scheme, it not only ensures food and security but also makes sure that the nutritional requirements of the rural people are maintained. Financial, social and nutritional requirements when met lead to the progress of rural areas and the quality of service provided also enhances. 

In the long run, rural involvement in the economy increases and the nation, as a whole, benefits. A ray of hope for all distressed, the Sampoorna Gramin Rozgaar Yojana is a wonder in the making.

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