Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutes

Just providing education is not enough for the nation to progress in the years to come. In order to get something productive out of the education provided, certain quality standards need to be met. 

The Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority Institutes of the IDMI aims to improve the infrastructure of privately Aided or Unaided minority schools / institutions across the nation. This is to improve the quality of education to minority children. 

The main features of the scheme

  1. The scheme aims to facilitate the education of minority groups across the country by enhancing the quality of school infrastructure. This would be done to expand the facilities for the formal education to children of minority communities. 
  2. The scheme aims to cover the country but for the initial phases, preference would be given to minority institutions located in remote districts, blocks and towns having a population above 20%. 
  3. The scheme will fund the infrastructural development of private or unaided minority institutions to the extent of 75% and is subject to a maximum of Rs 50 lakhs per institution. The infrastructural development includes: additional classrooms, science/computer lab rooms, toilets and drinking water facilities, hostel buildings and security facilities for girl students. 

In conclusion

Enhancing the infrastructure of educational institutes indirectly enhances the quality of education. This gives a boost to the quality of workforce that graduates out of such institutions, and such a trained workforce consequently benefits the economy of the nation in the long run. 

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