SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme

The need for Science and Engineering has been pivotal ever since the turn of this century. The government of India realized that the only path to true progress is to hold hands with regulated science and engineering. Hence, the SERB came to being. SERB stands for Science and Engineering Research Board, which is a statutory body under the Department of Science and Technology. 

The Accelerate Vigyan Scheme

The Accelerate Vigyan or the AV is a scheme undertaken by the Government of India and is an inter-ministerial initiative to provide support to high-end scientific research. It also directs all its resources to prepare scientific manpower which can eventually venture into research careers and contribute largely to knowledge-based economics. 

Objectives of the Accelerate Vigyan

The AV scheme aims to expand the research base in the country and drive scientific rigour among the masses. The main aims of the scheme are as follows:

  • The consolidation and/or aggregation of all scientific training programs
  • Encouraging and initiating high-end orientation workshops
  • Creating opportunities for research internships all across the nation

What does the AV scheme offer?

The main aim of the scheme is to push scientific rigour across the nation and hence the title, Accelerate Vigyan. To make the acceleration drive successful, the scheme aims to organize over 200 high-end workshops which will provide opportunities to about 5000 post-graduates and doctoral level students every year. 

In conclusion

The Accelerate Vigyan scheme is just the right to push the country’s visionaries needed. It offers a platform for everyone to come and contribute to, be acknowledged for knowledge, and carry the scientific inspiration forward.

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