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Unemployment is at an all-time high. And while the upper-middle and middle-class people from the economic strata have their savings to cruise them through, people from the labour force find themselves in deep trouble, as incomes have completely stopped for them. They ideally sustained themselves on daily wages which are hard to come by these days with back-to-back lockdowns announced. 

Over the last few months, governments have grown aware of the plight of labourers. In order to help them out, the Ministry of Labour and Employment – a subsidiary branch of the Central government itself – has announced a plan which aims to offer respite to these troubled workers. 

About the Shram Suvidha Portal 

Through the Shram Suvidha portal, people can now check their Labour Identification Number also known as LIN, and they can even complete the process of registering under the Shram Suvidha scheme and make an ESIC or EPF registration. To make matters easier for the people, the Shram Suvidha portal offers single Window access for registration or licensing-related services of employers or establishments and several other stakeholders. 

The online facility for registering and licensing has been developed in order to basically facilitate establishments, contractors, employers or even principal employers. These people can submit an application for registration/licence under labour laws online that is, they can apply to the CLRA Act, EPF Act, ESI Act, BOCW Act and even the ISMW Act. 

How to log in to the Shram Suvidha Registration 2021?

Essentially, the Shram Suvidha portal is aimed at being the One-stop-shop for all Labour Law Compliance. Here is how one can register under the Shram Suvidha Portal: 

  • Firstly, the applicant has to visit the Official Unified Shram Suvidha portal
  • On the homepage, the applicant will have to click on the “Registration and License” tab which is present in the Main Menu.
  • In the new window, the applicant will have to click on the “Click here to register” option to open a new window for registration of labour laws at Shram Suvidha Portal.
  • In this window, the candidates can scroll over the “Registration” tab and click on either the “Registration under EPF/ESI” link or they can click on the “Registration under CLRA-ISMW-BOCW” link. 
  • On clicking the page, a User login section at the Shram Suvidha portal will open up as shown below:
  • Existing users can log in while new users who do not possess User ID and Password can create Shram Portal account by clicking on the “Sign up” link
  • Once the account is created, users can log in as mentioned in the prior step to complete the Shram Suvidha Portal registration or login process. 

Summing it up

Labourers usually find it difficult to find the right resources that can help with firstly finding a job and then having a dignified experience at it. They are prone to exploitations in the absence of concrete laws and accessible portals in place to protect them. With the Shram Suvidha scheme in place, labourers have a place to go to, when things go sideways for them. 

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