SMAM Kisan Yojana

Farmers usually face a hard time making ends meet with the meager amount of money they end up making. 

In order to help poor farmers who are currently battling to stay above the poverty line, the Government of India has started the SMAM Kisan Yojana. 

Main objective of the SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020

The main objective of the SMAM Kisan Yojana is to make farming accessible and affordable to farmers. Usually, farmers go through a tough time sourcing out equipment, which, by itself, leaves them either in debt or bankrupt. 

Benefits offered by the SMAM Kisan Yojana 

  1. The prime benefit for farmers to enroll in this scheme is that the scheme will be provided to all farmers across the nation
  2. There would be a subsidy on farming equipment ranging from 50% to 80% and will be made available to all farmers in the country who have enrolled themselves under the scheme. 
  3. Farmers will get easy access to modern and cutting-edge farming products at really affordable prices through this scheme.  
  4. The scheme will offer additional benefits to those under the ST, SC and OBC quota in order to accomplish equity goals, as opposed to equality – which may not be sufficient for those coming from really deprived parts of the nation. 

Documents needed to enroll for the SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020

Farmers from the country are eligible for the scheme and hence would have to procure proof of residence and the following documents: 

  1. The applicant farmer’s Aadhar Card
  2. Certificate of residence
  3. Identity card
  4. Right to Land (ROR) 
  5. Bank Passbook
  6. Mobile number
  7. Copy of any form of ID proof (Aadhar Card/Driver’s license/ voted ID card/ PAN card/ Passport)
  8. Caste certificate of the applicant who belongs to scheduled caste or scheduled tribe
  9. Passport size photos

How can one apply for the SMAM Kisan Yojana 2020?

If you are looking to apply for the scheme, here is what you can do. 

  1. The applicant would first have to visit the official website of the scheme: SMAM Kisan Yojana
  2. Once the applicant enters the website, the homepage will open up. Small Farmer Scheme
  3. Once the homepage opens up, the applicant will get to see the option of the registration from which the applicant would have to click on the Farmer’s option from the options that open up in the dropdown. Small Farmer Scheme
  4. Once the applicant has done the aforementioned steps, the registration page will open up. The applicant would then have to simply select the state and fill in the Aadhar number in this e-form that opens up. Small Farmer Scheme
  5. The applicant would have to fill in the Aadhar number and fill in the other details like name, district, and mobile number, email ID, etc. 
  6. After all the information has been filled, the applicant would have click on the submit button.

In conclusion

Getting benefits from this scheme is really easy for farmers so that they do not find it difficult to avail schemes which are meant to ease their lives. With this scheme in place, farmers nationwide get to breathe a sigh of relief.

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