Smart City Mission

Launched by the government of India in 2015, Smart City Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting mission/program implemented by the Ministry of Urban Development. Under this scheme, the objective of the government of India is to establish 100 smart cities throughout India, making them citizen-friendly, efficient, and sustainable.

What is the purpose of a smart city?

The purpose of Smart City Mission is to primarily spur financial growth and enhance the overall quality of life of people by proffering them with regional development and harnessing system and technology, which bring out any smart outcomes. Under Smart City Mission, area-based developmental progress aims at completely transforming already present areas and localities, including slums. Brand new areas will be established around cities to support and accommodate the widely growing population. Under this scheme, smart solutions are applied to present problems and limitations, which allow cities to utilize and optimize technology and data to improvise infrastructure.

On September 07, 2019, the government of India inaugurated the first greenfield smart city of India, which is known as the 10,000-acre Aurangabad Industrial City in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Current status

Under Smart City Mission, till now, a total of 100 winning proposals have been made. The total urban population of 99,630,069 has been impacted. The total cost of the project has been finalized to be Rs. 2,05,108 crore wherein total area-based development cost is Rs. 164,204 crore. Moreover, the total pan-city solution cost has been decided to be Rs. 38,91 crore.

Features of a smart city

  1. Encouraging the use of mixed land in area-based developmental plans
  2. Housing and inclusiveness for all citizens eligible
  3. Generating walkable localities and eliminating congestion, air pollution, etc.
  4. Development and conservation of open spaces for recreational and playground purposes
  5. Proffering numerous transport and commute facilities

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