Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2020 Apply

Solar inverters have grown to be an eco-friendly and popular appliance among the residents of the nation. India is well on its way to being a solar-powered nation as India receives a healthy amount of sunlight per unit area. To encourage people to switch to solar appliances all the more, the Government of India launched the Solar Inverter Charger scheme online. 

The scheme is implemented by the Department of Renewable Energy and is inviting applications online for the Solar Inverter Charger subsidy scheme 2020. 

The state of Haryana is implementing the scheme by offering a 40% subsidy on installation of solar inverters of 300 watts or 500 watts capacity. 

How to apply for the Solar Inverter Charger Scheme?

Here’s how you apply for the Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2020 

  1. Visit the official Antyodaya Saral portal at 
  2. When the homepage loads, the applicant can click on “New User? Register here” button under the Login details section
  3. Here the candidates can enter complete details and click at the “Validate” button to complete the solar inverter charger application process
  4. Once the applicant has made the login profile, the applicant can scroll over “Apply for services” section and click on “View all available services” 
  5. The candidate can click at “Application for Solar Inverter chargers” under the “Service name” section. 
  6. A form will appear requesting the details of the applicant
  7. On filling the form, the applicant can hit the submit button at the end of the form

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