Support for International Patent Protection in Electronics and & Information Technology (SIP-EIT)

A scheme by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the SIP-EIT aims to provide financial aid to small and medium-sized businesses and technological start-ups for international patent filing. 

This is to encourage innovation and to recognize the full potential and value of Global IP while at the same time getting hold of growth opportunities in the ICTE sector – which is currently experiencing a global stronghold across various industries. 

What would one need in order to avail aid from SIP-EIT?

  1. In order to avail aid from the SIP-EIT, the applicant has to be registered under the MSME Development Act 2006 of Government of India which is amended from time to time, in compliance with the criteria for such registration. The applicant would have to procure the proof of such registration as and when demanded by the SIP-EIT. 
  2. The applicant of the SIP-EIT should be a registered company under the Companies Act of Government of India and should fulfill the investment limit in compliance of the MSME Development act. The investment should appropriately be done in machinery or any equipment defined by the MSME Development act. 
  3. The applicant should be a technology incubation enterprise or a start-up location in an incubation center/park and registered as a company and should meet the investment limits defined by the MSME Development Act 2006 of Government of India as amended from time to time. Tangible proof of this registration needs to be procured as and when demanded by the SIP-EIT. 

Basic List of Documents Needed For Online Application

  1. Proofs of registration as per eligibility criteria. 
  2. Scanned copy of the last audited balance sheet. 
  3. If international application is already filed, then proof of PCT / Paris convention or direct international Filing. 
  4. Patent search report. 
  5. Technical write-up of the present invention has to be submitted in *.pdf format filled as per the format provided. 
  6. Scanned copy in *.pdf format of Declaration form duly signed and sealed. 

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